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Frequently Asked Questions

We can do pretty much anything that revolves around games. From initial idea thinking, conceptualization, full production, trailer conception up to game release. If there is something we don't know, we have partners that do.
Sure thing ! We have a team of dozens of people competent in different fields that can be allocated to your project and help your current team.
At this moment, all trailers exposed on this website were taken in-game with a gameplay camera. This allows us to cut the cost without real impact on quality but it also allows us to have more hands on deck while producing trailers. The implementation of the camera can be done by our team for an extra cost.
Games : We've made a few different games in different configurations and budgets, ranging from 10k$ to 100k$+. There are no real price as much as what you want the game to be. We will deliver the maximum we can with the budget you have and we will make sure to let you know what to expect when you send us your GDD or when we collaborate on one together.

Trailers : Trailer prices only depend on two things, how good your camera implementation is and how good the game is in terms of playability (no server crashes if Multiplayer, no constant FPS drops, etc.). If everything goes smoothly, a trailer is between 500$ and 2000$.