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Avalon the Game

From Kings and Knights, to Elves and Witches; Avalon grants all your wishes…

Avalon the Game




About the Game

Rise in knighthood in this medieval fantasy RPG by completing quests, raiding dungeons, looting chests with legendary items and even collecting taxes on owned property as a landlord! Discover and equip from a powerful selection of NFT’s and destroy any opposition!

Genre :

RPG, Action, NFT-Based

Release :


Developer :

Danu Games, YuzuGames

Publisher :

Danu Games

Platform :


Main Game Features

  • Fully Multiplayer MMORPG
  • Dozens of playable characters
  • A massive and custom open-world
  • NFT ownership of houses, mounts, and utilities
  • Immersive and diversified combat mechanisms

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