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BlackSmith Simulator

Mine, smelt, forge, craft. Make exquisite weapons from scratch, or make a living out of repairing swords, your choice!

BlackSmith Simulator




About the Game

Become a Medieval blacksmith in this interactive blacksmithing simulator. Upgrade your forging equipment, unlock new exotic crafting materials, build your reputation, and satisfy your customers – all in addition to engaging in forging mechanics. Strike while the iron is hot and hop in front of the forge now!

Genre :

Casual, Simulation, Immersive

Release :

To be announced

Developer :


Publisher :

G-Devs.Com, CreativeForge Games

Platform :


Main Game Features

  • Mine and smelt ores into ingots
  • Forge various blades with different ingots
  • Take on unique blacksmithing orders
  • Generate wealth and fame
  • Become the best blacksmith in the world

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