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Handyman Corporation

Launch your very own business in the maintenance service industry! The world of toolboxes, duct tape, stinging live wires, and infuriatingly tiny, easy-to-misplace screws awaits!

Handyman Corporation




About the Game

In Handyman Corporation you become the owner of a business where you handle a variety of jobs in cleaning, maintenance, design, and construction. Accept contracts, play minigames to perform every task required. Then expand your company – buy spare parts, tools, train skills, and manage employees

Genre :

Business, Simulation, Immersive

Release :

January 25th 2023

Developer :


Publisher :

G-Devs.Com, CreativeForge Games

Platform :


Main Game Features

  • Hundreds of jobs
  • Inventory Management
  • Hire and Manage Subcontractors
  • Dozens of Minigames
  • Numerous customisation options in painting, styles, and materials

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